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Lights... Stories... Winter Warmth

Once upon a time, Mel from The Wilder created an art installation called Eulogy. It was an immersive experience that encouraged passerbys to take a moment to mourn species that have been lost and to learn to take action to support biodiversity. Alex from Best Coast Lights generously sponsored the tunnel as part of this installation, and while working together on this project we realised we had a mutual love of winter lights and creating cool things for our community and beyond.


We set about creating a light art festival to fill the gap that exists for Squamish. Squamish is one of Canada's fastest growing towns, a youthful town full of growing families, and with a burgeoning art scene. We think it is the perfect community to host a new winter event and we can't wait to share the experience with locals, families, visitors, and people passing through on their way to winter fun up the Sea to Sky corridor. We hope to entice you to stop off, enjoy the lights, and maybe stay a bit longer in Squamish this winter.​

Squamish at Dusk is coordinated by The Wilder, lovers of immersive experiences, nature, and the possibility of sharing important messages through art. Many of the lights and illumination for the pilot event were created by Best Coast Lights, lovers of lighting up our environment. 

Eulogy 2022.jpg

The Wilder are a Squamish-based social enterprise passionate about connecting people with each other and with the environment through creative, hands-on experiences. Founder, Melanie Lazelle, loves immersive experiences, storytelling through art, and sustainable business, events and art. They work with artists, fabricators, and community groups to bring creative, immersive programs to life to foster a love of the environment. 



Best Coast Lights is an outdoor lighting installation company operating in Squamish and Whistler, BC. They pride themselves on professionalism, customer service, and an excellent end product and they love creating mesmerising winter light displays for hotels, homes and businesses. When he isn’t lighting up the Sea to Sky area, owner Alex Gorham can be found skiing, climbing and taking pictures in the surrounding mountains with his family and friends.



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